Might be The Hard Decision to Choose Which High Performance Blender To Complete Your Kitchen

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Been juicing or making smoothie for a while now? If yes, then you’re probably thinking of investing on a professional level and durable blender for your daily needs. After all, there is nothing like the thick goodness of a smoothie produced from a high-powered blender. Not to mention is the easiness it provides in making soups, salad dressings, dipping sauces and the like.

The blender market is filled with myriad brands that boast to be the best at what they do. However, two brands emerge to be the popular pick among buyers: Vitamix and Ninja Blender. Each brand is unique and offers qualities that make them stand out from the other.  For starters, Ninja Blenders are cheaper than Vitamix ones. Some even cost almost only 1/3 of their Vitamix counterparts.

Our goal here is to determine which one is the better brand. With these high-end blenders costing upwards of $400, it is imperative that you know that your money is going to something that is of great, if not the best, quality available.

First, we will look at Vitamix and Ninja Blender’s qualities in general: what they’re made of, they’re horsepower and other things that generally characterize each brand. Next, we will take a closer look by comparing a blender model from each brand to finally determine which one is better.

Marketing strategy and price: Vitamix compared with Ninja

Vitamix has been marketed to be the brand of blender that professional chefs use and has been a coveted brand to have in one’s kitchen because of its tried and tested quality. However, not many can own Vitamix blenders because of its steep price. These blenders usually retail at $450-750.

This is where Ninja blender comes in. The Ninja brand sweeps in to fill in the market need for a high-end blender which is not as costly as the Vitamix blenders. Meanwhile, Ninja blenders are sold starting at only $199.

Blending power

Both brands boast of high-powered motors with Vitamix blenders usually running on 1380 watts and Ninja blenders on a range of 1000-1500 watts depending on which model you decide on getting. However, the wattage of the blender isn’t always telling of its blending power. Although Vitamix has a smaller wattage, its blenders can blend almost any type of food with ease while the considerably higher watts of the Ninja blenders struggle with harder foods. This brings us to another important point of comparison.


Vitamix’s extreme blending power may come from its wide range of blade speed of 500 to 37,000 RPM. On the other hand, Ninja blenders usually only have three choices for speed which peak at only 24,000 RPM.

Blade and design

Another point of difference is the blade design that each brand has. Ninja blenders come with a six-metal blade tower attachment placed vertically at the bottom which can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

However, the vertical design of the blade sometimes makes the contents of the blender pitcher to overflow when the appliance is set at its highest speed. The blades are sharp but may turn dull after many uses over time. Meanwhile, Vitamix’s blades are made of four prong, laser-cut stainless steel blades two of which are blunt hammermill blades and the other two are cutting blades which are sure to say sharp even after thousands of blends.

Blender output

This is perhaps the most important factor and the make or break for some. Something that I got from this website when comparing the blended output between Vitamix and Ninja http://www.blenderversus.com/vitamix-vs-ninja-blender/

The quality of the green smoothies that the two brands of blenders produce are nearly the same. But the Vitamix blenders make them faster. It only takes about 30 seconds for the Vitamix blenders to puree fruits such as kiwis and apples into thick and creamy smoothies. Meanwhile, the Nina blenders almost similar smoothies but with a bit more pulp.

Both blenders can make peanut butter from chopped up nuts in three  minutes with Vitamix producing a creamy butter while the Ninja made a chunkier one. But another three minutes fixes it anyway.

Head on: Vitamix 5200 vs. Ninja Ultima BL 810

  Vitamix 5200 Ninja Ultima BL 810
Price $449 $259.99
Wattage 1380 watts 1500 watts
Peak horsepower 2 2.5
Pitcher capacity 64 ounces 72 ounces
Cord length 6 feet 3 feet
Height 20.5 inches 18 inches
Width 7.3 inches 8 inches

There is no doubt that both blenders were able to blend different kinds of produce really well. However, the Vitamix 5200 made a thinner or less pulpier smoothie than the Ninja Ultima BL 810. The Vitamix is also faster in blending fruits and vegetables compared to the Ninja. But after straining their outputs were quite similar in the end.

The Vitamix 5200 is also more quiet than the Ninja when in use and is relatively easier to disassemble.

The Verdict

Both brands have their own good features and characteristics but the Vitamix appears to be the better brand when it comes to the quality of the output. For its price range, we expected that great quality. It can produce thick and creamy purees and smoothies in half a minute to a few minutes only relatively faster than the Ninja blenders. However, the differences is sometimes only mere seconds and the Ninja is fractions cheaper than the Vitamix.

In the end, if you’re looking for speed and reliability then the Vitamix blenders are perfect for you especially if you have the money to spend. They will be a great investment in the long run for their durability.

But if you’re looking for an almost similar quality output and is willing to spend more time in preparing your smoothies or soups or what-have-you, Ninja blenders will be a great choice. You get good quality, although not as good as Vitamix, for a relatively cheaper price range.